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Paragliding Headquarters provides or recommends providers of a whole variety of services and products associated with paragliding. This website contains a selected range of equipment as well as articles concerning the mechanics of flight and tips how to get the most out of your flying. If you live close to Melbourne, the “Flying Today” page will keep you informed about the best flying opportunities there and will help you to accumulate some airtime without wasting too much time and petrol.

This website will also inform you about the latest products and provide warning in the “Watch Out” section when some safety issues emerge. This website is being updated continuously, some pages like the “Flying Today” up to twice a day. If there is something about paragliding you can’t find on this site directly, all you need to do is to follow some of the links provided. It will be hard to find more comprehensive and dedicated website for your paragliding needs.

Paragliding Headquarters and this website is managed by Jiri Stipek – a pilot with more than 15 years and 2,000 hours of paragliding experience and a high level of formal education in the mechanics of flight related fields. Jiri also believes paragliding should be fun. Browse thru and enjoy! We put all our effort into supplying and recommending services & equipment only of the highest standards. Any information on this site however, is to be treated as an OPINION only.

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