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Welcome on the Gradient Paragliders page!

Check out the whole range of paragliders designed and manufactures by Gradient. For details about sizes and color combinations visit the GRADIENT website.

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Gliders for pilots who know what they want

Gradient paragliders are renowned for their excellent handling and flying characteristics. Gradient is careful with figures and the supplied technical specifications are on the conservative side. In competitions is hard to hide anything - and you'll find Gradient paragliders somewhere on the top of the list of any serious competition. The competition glider Avax SR7 is preferred by pilots who value safety and sweet handling more than a marginally better performance. These characteristics are being passed on throughout the whole range of Gradient gliders.

Ondrej DupalThe design is as good as the workmanship. In the more than 10 years of the company existence there wasn't one single bulk recall or a serious safety issue. The quality control is meticulous and every glider is test-flown by a factory test pilot before delivery. Gradient gliders are the kind of products you would expect to get from one of the largest and most successful manufacturers in the world.

As the latest improvement in the services provided by Gradient is offering FREE repairs to gliders accidentally damaged during the first year of ownership. Some "common sense" type of conditions apply.






        Ondrej Dupal - the Managing director of Gradient

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A Persian company ProRugFly presented a serious challenge to Gradient recently. I investigated the possibility of importing their gliders to compliment the Gradient range. Unfortunately, I found the need to rub a lamp (supplied with every glider) every 10 seconds a serious safety hazard. Until this problem is solved, I'm stuck with Gradient. Sorry...