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Aspen5, EN C certified glider
(Designed for pilots familiar with recovery techniques, who fly “actively” and regularly, and understand the implications of flying a glider with reduced passive safety.)

Gradient's goal was to develop an easy to fly EN-C glider with exceptional performance, predictable behavior and typical Gradient handling. The final product has been chosen after comparing feedback on a number of different pre-production models. Unique DD ribs system made possible to use only 48 hanging loops on the canopy and less than 240m of lines (size 28), which is about 35% less in comparison with aspen 4. Weight range of the glider has also changed slightly. The handling and turning ability has been improved as well..
Aspen 5 is a logical continuation of the popular Aspen line and won't disappoint anybody expecting the best in the areas of handling and performance. Gradient continues using the most proven materials and manufacturing technologies to guarantee the exceptional durability and low weight their gliders are renowned for. Aspen 5 price also remains competitive with other leading brands; this is quite an achievement taking in account the glider is being completely made by a highly skilled personnel in Europe.
News about some outstanding flights started to pop up as soon as Aspen 5 hit the production line.
Some idea how A5 glide compares with R10 comp glider glide.
 If you are really fussy about colors and want your glider to stand out of the crowd, you can design your own color scheme using a "color Chooser". Have fun!
Note: there is $180 surchage on a custom color scheme.

Aspen 4 during the final tests before certification

Look mum, no lines!  Well, if you look properly, you will find 7 of them on each side...          

Technical Data
22 24 26 28 30
Flat area m2 22.06 24.10 25.94 27.86 30.42
Span m 11.50 12.02 12.46 12.92 13.50
Aspect ratio
5.99 5.99 5.99 5.99 5.99
Max. chord m 2.41 2.52 2.62 2.71 2.83
Min. chord m 0.50 0.52 0.54 0.56 0.58
Number of cells
62 62 62 62 62
Line consumption m 212.9 222.5 230.8 239.2 249.9
Min. take-off weight kg 67 75 85 95 105
Max. take-off weight kg 80 90 105 115 130
Trim speed* km/h
39 39 39
Max. speed* km/h
58+ 58+ 58+
Min. sink rate* m/s
1.0 1.0 1.0
Gliding ratio*

10+ 10+ 10+
Certification EN / LTF

(C) (C) C


* The performance data are for general information only and by no means it should serve for making comparisons with products by other manufacturers. The methods for obtaining this data vary and there are no fixed standards. Any comparisons based on this data can be misleading.