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Welcome on the Bright 3 page!

BRIGHT 3 - the junior member of the GRADIENT family. In Europe it entered the the market in Jan. 2006. Replaces BRIGHT Classic - after 2 years of a busy production. Bright III now features the zigzag cells openings and slotted closed cells in the wingtips - features inherited from its big brothers Aspen and Avax. Besides of a small increase in performance, the behaviour of the glider has improved in the spiral recovery area - the weakest spot of DHV 1 gliders in general.
Bright 3 is as safe as any paraglider can be and it is still a good performer. Suits to a pilot who doesn't fly too often and who is wise enough to trade some performance for stability.
BRIGHT 3 will let enjoy any less than smooth thermic condition even a pilot with a limited experience. Designed by ONDREJ DUPAL and manufactured to the highest standards BRIGHT III, due to a lower number of cells and a big production volume is not too expensive.
Stability durability affordability easy handling and low medical bills for its owner are the highlights. Isn't its performance compromised too much for the safety sake? Compare with other gliders in this category. Nothing's missing here! A test flight will surprise you. Prices vary with geographic location and exchange rates of Australian dollar. Please, contact us for details.

Bright 3 

Further information about tech. parameters sizes and color combinations can be found on the Gradient website.