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Where to fly today?  *********

Note to overseas pilots: to fly in Australia you have to have a Temporary HGFA membership.
If you radio is not compliant with ACMA standard (has to bear a "tick" sticker"), get a legal one. Heavy penalties apply for the use of non-compliant radios.

This page helps you to find the best place to fly today and tomorrow. It will be updated - whenever possible - every day at 9 am and 8 pm. Watch for the date of update. If not current, disregard the information below and try to contact me on 0414 332737 or email me. When close to the site, try channel 16 UHF CB CTCSS 97.4 Hz (depending on the type of radio it may be subchannel 11-13). This page is dedicated mostly to Coastal Sites around Melbourne. They are very rewarding sites and I have the advantage of living in the middle of them. Despite of this, I can't guarantee my information will be spot on every time. The conditions can change very quickly and what is true at the time of updating this page, doesn't have to apply when you arrive there. Still - this is possibly the best source of information about these sites you can get. The key is to get there as early as possible and check with me on the phone before you go. If I'm not answering, I'm probably flying already. You are welcome to make your own assessment of the situation using the "Weather" page. If you are a restricted pilot, make sure you won't fly without supervision. If you do not know where the sites are, go to "Flying Sites".
Don't become a victim of parawaiting. Visit this page daily!











  Disclaimer: If it works as predicted, thank me. If it does not, blame the weatherman!  

Definition of a "meteorologist": Somebody, who can explain scientifically why the last forecast didn't come true.
Definition of "course": Direction in which pilot wishes to fly and where the wind is blowing from.

The probability ratings: 1- desperados only, 2- worth trying, 3- not to be missed (no guarantee though :-))

Last updated: Sat 22/04/17 - Note: this page wont be updated until further notice due to my regular winter migration to Queensland. Hope for some good flying there!

Having not much luck with the Bureau of Maybyology, I turned for help to the higher instance - the almighty Thermos, god of thermals.
Whatever you do, DO NOT PISS this guy!

Site to fly today: none

Expected conditions: moderate NW winds

Degree of probability of having a flight (3 being the highest): 1

How it worked yesterday: no flying

A short video from Spion on Good Friday

bombout from hell on Friday - 2.5 km walk for me...

Ocean Grove last Friday - video here

tracklog of Garry's unique flight from Southside to Lorne

every man and his dog trying to get a flight in strong conditions - video here.

Jan Tupy during his 220 km flight - photo Keri Ellis



Jan soaring at the Point Lonsdale lighthouse

close encounter with the third kind at Southside

Chris Schofield arriving to Aglesea for the first time

In the meantime in QLD Jan Tupy and Matt Cooper, both flying XC5 , flew 100 km straight distance from Mt Tamborine to Casino on Sat. More details here. Some photos by Jan Tupy here.

Video showing Freestyle3 flying in company of other wings in demanding conditions of strong wind cross to the ridge HERE. This type of conditions shows strenghts and weaknesses in performance of wings much better than ideal soring situations. If you are willing to take your blinkers off for about 5 minutes, you may find this vid quite educating ;-).

Some special fun with Freestyle3 in Austria :-).

First flight with Nevada2 in Australia - Southside. Video here.

F;inders to Cape Shanck - video here

busy Flowerdale

And just in case you doubt Freestyle3 can be tumbled ;-). Don't try at home, kiddies!

Outlook for tomorrow: 

Expected conditions:
moderate W winds
Probability of having a flight: 1