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Welcome on the FAQ page!

The exciting world of Paragliding



1) What is a Paraglider?
Paraglider is an aeroplane. It is a glider without any rigid structure. Resembling a parachute, it flies like any other wing-equipped machine. Visit our Pictures Gallery to see, what it is capable of.

Do I need to have a license to fly a paraglider?
Yes. Paragliding falls under the same umbrella as hanggliding. You need to have a HGFA license. Please see Schools.

Where can I buy my equipment?
Paragliding Headquarters is an importer of
GRADIENT paragliders. Gradient is one of the largest and most popular paragliding manufacturers in the world with an excellent reputation in Europe U.K. and other countries.

Where can I fly?
There are some spectacular locations in Australia and all over the world. See the Flying Sites page, Comps and Fun or Gallery .

Can I have a try without having a license?
Yes. You can have a Tandem Flight with a licensed instructor, who will show you the ropes. Even if you decide paragliding is not for you in the end, you'll get an  unforgettable experience. See "Tandem Flights".



6) Is the picture above for real?

Of course not! Farmers usually shoot us only after we land in their crops.


7) Is paragliding safe?

It is as safe as you are. Accidents do happen - but they are mostly results of a gross error on the pilot's side. Accidents due to technical problems or some unforseen  circumstances are extremely rare.


8) Who will help me to get started when I finish my course?
There is a number of clubs with hundreds of  members ready to help you with the first steps and beyond. See some examples of the activities organized by the largest one, Skyhigh Paragliding, in this section.












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