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Woody Valley Wani reversible harness

At this stage it seems like the designs of versatile open harnesses are gradually converging on the reversible airbag system. Most of the toothing problems of the airbag seem to be sorted out, the latest one being the setback of delayed inflation of the air-ram system. A spring loaded container is idea so simple one has to wonder why nobody came up with it much earlier.
Harness Wani by Woody Valley is an excellent example this technology.
Wani is a result of using the latest technology and all the experienced accumulated by its designers for a period of few decades. The high quality of manufacturing is the first thing you notice. Stitching is just perfect and all the fittings an adjustment points are at the right places and of a top quality. The harness comes from the factory adjusted already to the most common settings. You can just strap into it and take off. In most cases you will have to make either none or very small adjustments – all easy to do in the air. If you should overcook it and became lost not sure what to pull first, there is a clever provision for you. All the factory settings are clearly marked and within seconds you can have it all in the original state; a kind of “control-function-delete” you know from your PC. Wani comes with a choice of 2 strap systems; Get-Up and T-Lock (my choice) to make happy as wide range of pilots as possible. Another good news is the low weight – around 4 kg depending on the harness size.
As optional accessories you can also buy a Relax Bar and a Legs Cover that will move you as close to a pod harness as it gets.
Wani seems to provide just the right amount of stability during both takeoff and landing letting you to move between the sitting and standing position any time you wish. Responsiveness to weightshift can be fine-tuned to personal taste. The immediate feeling in the air is one of comfort and safety. It is not deceiving.  The back-protection airbag is 100% inflated before you even leave the ground. The (in principle) simple design involving a spring, six separate chambers and a few valves guarantees the best possible protection well exceeding the stringent DHV requirements.
Airbag is completely separate from the “rucksack” part. It has two advantages; the inflated harness can retain the nice aerodynamic shape we appreciate in harnesses using the foam filled back protection while not reducing the luggage capacity. More importantly, if you damage the rucksack part during transport, there is no adverse effect on the harness protection capacity like in most other reversible harnesses. The storage space is cavernous and can easily accommodate your wing helmet and with a bit of tender loving care boots as well.

Besides of the main storage bag there are also two small side pocket to accommodate other bits and pieces you sometimes carry with you.
In the flight mode Wani has two well accessible side pockets (one with a zipper) for those essentials you may wish to use in the air like spare radio batteries, snacks etc. At the back is a spacious storage for your personal belongings and camel bag. A neat opening is provided for the water hose and the storage container is, again, totally separated from the airbag eliminating the possibility of losing its function due to zipper left accidentally open.
Speedbar line is routed through large friction-reducing pullies and a clever slack-removing device.

The attention to details is amazing. While you won’t find any bells, there are actually two whistles incorporated in the buckles easily accessible in both the “harness” and “rucksack” mode as well.
Rescue parachute is mounted unobtrusively under seat and the extractor is well designed allowing for a fast and comfortable extraction while minimising the possibility of accidental deployment. Installing of reserve is simple and for the slower on the intake owners there is a comprehensive schematic drawing on the inside of one of the closing flaps. There are also large clear windows for easy checking the locking pins as you would expect on a top quality product.

Wani is harness that you fall in love with at the first sight (or flight) and you are not likely to look any further no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced pilot. The price is $990 - a sum we are fairly used to for a quality product of this kind.

Wani has also a "light" version and Woody Valley makes another few harnesses for more specialized use. While I normally don't have any of these in stock, I can get them on a short notice. Check for these products on the Woody Valley website.