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Micro Alti Plus vario / altimeter


Micro Alti Plus is a perfect solution for coastal soaring basic inland flying tandem operations or as a backup for a serious XC. The photos above illustrate why the "Micro" in the name of the instrument. This is, at this stage, the smallest instrument of its kind in the world. The overall design allows for variety of mounting options eliminating the need for cockpit for fun flying when complex and expensive navigation instrument are only nuisance and overkill.
Despite of its small size, Micro Alti Plus is packed with features. Because it is not intended for serious XC flying, there is no GPS, maps, routes waypoints etc. But except of this, there is little left you may wish to ad for light recreational use. Just have a look:

* Loud, highly sensitive vario with adjustable thresholds and audio
* Clear, high contrast display
* QNE and QNH altimeter references with pressure / height / zero settings
* Vario averager
* Barometric pressure reading with trend display for weather forecasting
* Peak data recording
* Time clock, alarm timer and stopwatch with auto start when altitude changes
* Thermometer
* Omni directional acelero(g)-meter for those acro maniacs
* Battery level display
* Rechargeable through USB, long life battery
* Easy and simple operation
* Made and designed in England

The price is just another good news: $195 is not going put a big hole in your finaces - in fact, it is just a few buck more than you would pay for one of those audio only gadgets. Even your wife may approve the purchase! To order, just drop me an email on . And this is what you will get: