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Paragliding Equipment

Welcome to the equipment page! Please, take your time to browse through the best products we were able to find at the tough paragliding market. Price is not always the No. 1 factor. A cheap product gets through our selection process only if it passes other, especially safety, criteria. 

You won't find good stuff on a rubbish tip.

Not all the goods are manufactured by our principal supplier, Gradient. These people concentrate on what they do the best: Paragliders. For that reason most of the Gradient accessories is made by carefully selected contractors. Other items, like instruments, we obtain from different sources.

How to order: send an e-mail with description of the item you intend to purchase. Do not hesitate to ask any questions before committing yourself. Supply your postal address. I will get back to you with confirmation (most items except of paragliders are in stock and ready for immediate delivery) invoice and banking details for direct transfer of funds or Pay-pal.







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