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Brian Webb's 2Tofly paragliding school in Bright

If you are looking for the best paragliding tuition in Australia XCkms is hard to pass. It is being run by Brian Webb, one of the most experienced instructors in Australia. It offers the best instructor/student ratio ensuring each student gets an undivided attention. Being situated in Bright (Victorian Alps) it has the best conditions in terms of terrain and weather as well. Leaving flying alone, it is hard to imagine a better place to spend 10 days of holidays. If you have a partner or family, Bright is the place to take them as well. There is a lot of activities they can enjoy while you are busy to soar with the local eagles. Further info here. The number to cal: 0417 530972 .

Australian Paragliding Academy in WA

Another excellent schol is located in the rather isolated state of Western Australia. It is situated in Albany Further info here.